My daughter is very active and has a lot of allergies…this fully customizable, affordable, rubber bracelet is PERFECT! We love it!!!

Abigail, Cameron, NC

“This is my second purchase and I likely will be ordering again. These bracelets hold up excellently – I’ve worn my other ones every day for 7 months and they’re still like new. I have gone swimming in pools and salt water, been in saunas, exercised rigorously, and gone about daily life and they’re still perfect. Thank you for a high quality product that gives me peace of mind should something unfortunate happen to me!!”

Tina, Wesley Chapel, FL

“This is such a great bracelet. There was quite a bit of info that was needed on the bracelet and I was happy that it all fit. Will definitely be ordering more in the future!”

Susan, Westlake, OH

“They rushed our order to us in time for our vacation, and the bracelet works very well for our son!”

Tony, Brookings, SD

We have a couple different allergy alert bracelets and this one is my sons favorite. It’s comfortable and easy to clean. We love it!

Becky D, San Diego, CA

Super cute and gives me peace of mind to know if our 2.5 yr old DS has our phone numbers.

Florence P., The Netherlands

“My kids love these and I love the peace of mind it gives all of us.”

Tim, Wayne, PA

“Within our first hour at Disney, we got separated from our son. Luckily, he had his I.C.O.E. bracelet and guest relations were able to call us. Said they wished more kids had them!”

Taylor from Kansas City, MO

“Custom designed and arrived just in time! I made the switch from scratchy stainless steel bracelet that I could never take off by myself and now have these wonderful soft silicone bracelets that I can remove whenever. Thanks”

Teresa, Glendale, AZ

“Great for vacations and back to school, I recommend this to any parent!”

Ashleigh, Firth, ID

“This fits my 3-year old perfectly! He seems pretty excited about it and it will give me peace of mind when we’re out & about.”

Suzanne, Switzerland

“It’s an awesome practical solution for young kids with allergies.”

Julie, Quebec, Canada

“Excellent quality! The toddler size fits perfectly and seems pretty indestructible for a toddler boy! Gives me peace of mind when my son is in the situation that someone else may be feeding him! He is only 2, so he is unable to repeat some of the important info on his bracelet.”

Roy, Waco, TX

“This bracelet is such a great idea. We bought one for my son for Disneyland because he has so many food allergies. I feel so much better knowing that all his information will be on him!”

Kate, San Bruno, CA

“Superb service from start to finish! Rushed my order through in time for my daughter to go to Uni, giving us both peace of mind. Excellent quality and super speedy shipping! Highly recommend!”

Maria, United Kingdom

“I love this product! I have a fast 2 year old and I’ve been a little nervous about losing him in a crowd.”

Stephanie, Sydney, Australia

“Such a wonderful idea! I love knowing that my son has my contact number with him when we are in large crowds.”

Pam, Chicago, IL

“Fits my 15-month-old well. Not tight, but not too loose. She likes how it feels so she doesn’t try to take it off herself, but can if I ask her too. Love it!! Will be coming back as she grows.”

Shannon, Falls Church, VA

“We are so in love with our bracelet! I ordered the toddler size for our two year old, and she absolutely loves it! I had a ton of questions and Michele answered all of them promptly, and produced a beautiful bracelet for us. I have been wondering how I was going to get my two year old to keep it on and get used to it, but I do not think that will be a problem…she absolutely loves it. It was also made and shipped super fast. When she outgrows this one I will definitely be ordering the next size up, and in the mean time I will be suggesting I.C.O.E. to EVERYONE I know. Thank you so much!”

Pam, Southampton, PA

“Perfect! Deaf+ son is thrilled with it and, because it is so flexible and durable, he never needs to take it off. Sent him back to school this week with the confidence that he has the safety net of a medical alert bracelet at last. His neurologist got to see it this week, and agreed that all special needs and Deaf children should have one. Will certainly order more!”

Kyle, Columbus, OH

“We’ve bought these in a couple of colors. They are comfortable for my 2 year old, and he doesn’t try to take them off. I like knowing we have an extra layer of protection for him!”

Kelly, Columbia, SC

This is so awesome, so much easier than putting a temp tattoo on a toddler.

Liz, Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you our daughter says “I love all of them!” She’s three and we feel more confident that she can communicate her dietary restrictions in PrK 🙂

Marsha, Topeka, KS

Best purchase for my road trip with my 4YO niece! Gave me peace of mind and she was so happy to have a new bracelet

Karen, Worcester, MA

My preschooler LOVES his allergy bracelet. He hasn’t taken it off since we got it, and I was worried he wouldn’t want to wear one. He chose the color and the race car symbol on it, and loves it. Thanks!

Cassie, Eugene, OR

My two year old listens to me worth beans and will disappear the moment your back is turned. When the grandparents take her out I worry she will give them the slip and get lost. I searched for some kind of emergency tag that would work, but shoelace tags only work if your kid keeps her shoes on, and has laces; jewelry comes off or breaks. Then I found these custom silicone bracelets and it’s the perfect solution. I ordered a size up so we could put it on her ankle instead of her wrist. She cannot get it off but it is comfortable and cute and she loves wearing it. When she grows old enough to wear it on her wrist without losing it the youth size should already fit her wrist. I plan to get another for my second child. The seller is caring, communicative and a fast shipper. Highly recommend!

Jenny, Atlanta, GA

My daughter is very active and has a lot of allergies…this fully customizable, affordable, rubber bracelet is PERFECT! We love it!!!

Abigail, Cameron, NC